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"At American Abstract, we cannot afford down time. We must be able to access our records 24/7. Hardwyre is always there to support us in our time of need."

- Andrew Adkins
Vice President, American Abstract


These days, the list of potentially business-disrupting events seems almost endless with viruses, blackouts, natural disasters and terrorist attacks making headlines daily. What's a company to do if a hurricane annihilates its critical data? Good business continuity planning will keep your company up and running after a disaster strikes. And we can help.

Hardwyre's Business Continuity Planning helps organizations prepare for disruptive events - whether an event might be something huge, like an earthquake or the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, or something seemingly small, like malfunctioning software caused by a computer virus.

We deliver complete Business Continuity Solutions - from creating and overseeing the plan, to providing input and support, to putting the plan into action during an emergency - that enables your company to keep making money after a disruptive event.

Contact us today, and let's plan a business continuity strategy for your company.

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