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"As a long term client of Hardywre, I have seen both our companies (National Wall Covering and DeNovo) experience tremendous growth. Hardwyre has met our growth needs at each and every step along the way by adding resources and expanding their knowledge base in any area required. Hardwyre has proved itself time and time again to be a very valuable business partner."

- Mark Moseley
National Wall Covering


In a previous article, we inspected the iPhone to see if it was good for business.  Other than the coolness factor, the Blackberry easily had it beat.  But is that still the  case with the new version released last month?

After a couple of weeks of playing with the new iPhone, we have mixed emotions.  It does sync nicely with Exchange now, but it's a bit flaky on the road.  The latest patch does seem to have improved that at least.  An annoyance was that you cannot receive any documents attached document to calendar items.  The iPhone strips the attachment.

The custom applications that are now provided by the software development community are not stable.  It's not because the software itself is bad, it's more that the iPhone just seems to kill applications at random intervals.

So what is our advice?  Stick with your Blackberry. The latest iPhone is a big step, but it has a long way to go before convincing the mobile workorce that Apple takes the business world seriously.

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