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Online Data Backup for Home Users

You have home owner's insurance to insure your home and its contents from theft. You have car insurance to insure your vehicle from accidents. But how do you insure your data from disaster? The answer is less expensive and easier than you might think: Online data backups.

It might not seem to cool while you're installing a backup program. But when your computer crashes, it is undeniably cool to know your files are safely stored. 

Why Do I Need Online Backup?

The same way you buy life insurance for yourself, your family and your properties, you need to insure your data from unforeseen incidents, like virus, theft of your computer, accidental human error, fire, flood, tornado, mud-slides, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane or other disasters.

Most people backup their data onto a CD, DVD or external hard drive. The problem with these traditional methods  is they don't fully protect your data unless they are stored offsite. If you store your backup disk in the same location as your source, the backup could be destroyed along with the original data by unforeseen incidents like a tornado, hurricane or tsunami.

Another problem with traditional backup is that people don't do it regularly. With online backup, computer users don't have to worry about remembering to backup regularly. Once the program is setup, it does the job automatically. You'll never lift a finger.

Key Features and Benefits of Online Backup

Although features and benefits will vary from one company to another, most online providers have the following features not available with traditional backup methods:


  • No capital outlay (payment on a monthly or yearly basis)
  • No set up or license fees
  • No tape storage costs
  • Low operating costs

Ease of use

  • Setup and installation is generally simpler and completed within minutes of downloading the software
  • Backups can run in the background and parallel with users normal activities
  • Current and historical data can be restored easily and immediately
  • Easy and centralized management of all backups

Mirrored Data

  • Protected against data loss due to sabotage, fire, theft, flood, virus or other disasters
  • There is no worry over lost, damaged, or worn out tapes
  • Better accuracy for budgeting and forecasting
  • Increased compliance assurance


  • File sharing capabilities, if needed
  • Remote web access to data anytime
  • 24 x 7 x 365 data availability
  • Extensive reporting for audits and verification 

Hardwyre Recommendations for Online Backup Programs

We stand behind BackupReview.info's list of Top 25 Backup Companies from March 2008. Based on top marks in security, software features, software ease of use, speed, reliability, uptime, quality and accessibility, and cost per MB per month, these top three programs from that list are our recommendations for online backup programs:

  1. Carbonite | carbonite.com
  2. Novastor | novastor.com
  3. Data Deposit Box | datadepositbox.com

Or if you'd rather give your business to a more local company, we also recommend Memphis-based PackRat.

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