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Microsoft Launches Unified Messaging Platform

From Microsoft: At the Unified Communications Launch 2007 worldwide event in San Francisco, Microsoft launched the company's next generation of unified communications products and services, and described how partners and customers are benefiting from the company's unified communications software.

Microsoft unified communications technologies use the power of software to deliver complete communications—messaging, voice, and video—across the applications and devices that people use every day.

Integrating the experiences you associate with the telephone—phone calls, voice mail, and conferencing—into the work you do on a computer—documents, spreadsheets, instant messaging, e-mail, calendars—has the power to fundamentally change the way the world works.

How It Works 

Microsoft unified communications technologies deliver VoIP, e-mail, IM, voice- and videoconferencing, presence awareness, and messaging to the devices and tools you use at work.

Telephones run on switched networks, computers on IP networks. This fundamental challenge forces businesses to invest in two complex infrastructures, each with specialists and maintenance costs.

How it Impacts The 2007 Microsoft Office system

The 2007 Microsoft Office release gains many additional features, including fully integrated presence technology when it is deployed in a unified communications environment.

Microsoft Office 2007 is designed to take full advantage of Microsoft unified communications technologies. Presence technology appears throughout the Office system, from Document Workspaces inside Word 2007, Excel 2007, and PowerPoint 2007 to team sites and My Sites on SharePoint Server 2007.

Because every person who works on a file stays associated with it, presence technology can provide multiple channels for communication. If you're working on a shared budget in Excel 2007, you can launch an instant message conversation with one or all of the budgets' owners with a few clicks. Users can escalate the conversation to a phone call, audio or video conference at any point.

When businesses deploy Microsoft unified communications technologies, they don't just add a stand-alone solution; they transform the entire Microsoft Office experience.

To find out more about Microsoft's Unified Communications Platform and how you can leverage the technology to help your company be more productive while cutting operational costs, call Hardwyre at 501.851.2880, or visit Microsoft.com.

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