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"If we have an issue and our network goes down, we call Hardwyre and they are Johnny on the Spot. They make sure our network is always running so I never have to worry about it. And they coordinate with Dell on my behalf and handle technical phone calls that I don't want to make. Working with Hardwyre has really given me peace of mind."

- Jean Noel
Business Administrator, Imaging Solution of Arkansas


Data Deduplication Tools for Home Use

Check out these handy tools for cleansing data and deduplicating files on your home PC:

WinPure ListCleaner Pro

From WinPure: WinPure ListCleaner Pro is a powerful, affordable, and easy-to-use data cleansing, list cleaning and dedupe software that cleans, corrects, de-duplicates, and standardizes lists from Excel, Access, text files, and other databases. With 8 list and data cleansing modules, you can increase business efficiency by transforming your current lists into more accurate, cleaner, and duplicate free data, easily, and cost effectively. WinPure ListCleaner Pro can handle any type of lists including contact address details, e-mail address lists, product category and price lists and student names. It's a standalone product, containing eight cleaning modules (duplication remover, text cleaner, column analyzer, e-mail checker, case converter, statistics, table matcher). It is easy-to-use because it's been designed to save time, and help your business generate more profits.

Download WinPure ListCleaner Pro free from Download.com


<!-- END HTML for screenshot viewer -->From BlueSAN Technology

A fast and simple program to find true duplicate files based on byte by byte comparison of your photo, video, office documents, web pages and any other files. By default, matched duplicate files are available in a html report and in a CSV file. Review the duplicates report and mark the duplicates in the CSV file, and then submit the marked CSV file to the data-mover facility of WinDeDeup for batch mode cleanup. WinDeDup has built in support to protect against mistaken cleanup. You can find duplicates among specific file types and you can scope based on file sizes and file age. Added bonus is handling of unused and old files in the disk. The free version of WinDeDup finds duplicate files in up to 5 top level folders/drives. To manage duplicate files in more than 5 top level folders/drives, use WinDeDup-Home or WinDeDup-Pro instead.

Download WinDeDup free from Download.com


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