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With just a few tweaks to your settings you can have Outlook 2007 e-mails, reminders and your daily calendar forwarded to your mobile phone using SMS Link. It's fast and free.

From Microsoft: Stay up to date and work more effectively. SMS Link enables you to forward appointments, tasks and important contacts from Office Outlook 2007 to any SMS mobile phone you choose. You can also set it up to receive your daily calendar, Office Outlook reminders, and your emails as text messages to your mobile phone. Whether it's receiving a meeting location while you're on the road or sending an urgent text message to a friend to let them know you'll be late, SMS Link for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 makes it easier for you to stay informed of the latest developments or communicate in the best possible manner with your teammates, family or friends.

SMS Link gives you the flexibility to set your availability with a just few clicks of the mouse.

Start Communicating Now

All you need to get started is Office Outlook 2007, the mobile phone you already own and a text-messaging plan through your wireless service provider.

There's nothing new to learn. The SMS Link service is fully integrated into Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and makes it easy to send or receive a SMS message right from the familiar Office Outlook 2007 interface. To send an e-mail or text message to one or multiple mobile phones, just launch it right from your Outlook 2007 toolbar.

Sending a text message is easier and faster when you can choose to compose and send it right from the Microsoft Office Outlook.

Faster and easier text messaging. SMS Link does away with cumbersome typing on your mobile phone keypad. Input your message faster right from your computer's keyboard. Because SMS Link provides a preview pane for the SMS messages you're writing, you're able to see what you're sending as you type. SMS Link even helps you with emoticons in SMS lingo.

Easily send a text message to an SMS cell phone right from your PC using your regular keyboard and Microsoft Office Outlook:

Connect Across Boundaries

Share and communicate smoothly with anyone. All you need to contact someone is some simple information. Don't know which wireless service provider the recipient uses or what kind of phone do they have? No problem. SMS Link figures that out for you. You even don't have to remember the phone numbers. SMS Link integrates with your Office Outlook 2007 address book. Just type the name or number into the address box and SMS Link takes care of the rest.

Built on the Microsoft platform. SMS Link is built on Microsoft platform and Office Outlook 2007 providing the familiarity and dependability you have come to trust. For example, Office Outlook 2007 keeps a record of the SMS messages you send in your Office Outlook 2007 Sent Items Folder so you can easily manage and track your communications history.

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